Distance Striking & Escapes ~ 8 Hours

The further away you are from danger, the safer you will be.

In this module participants will learn to strike effectively from a distance. Striking at arms reach is recommended, when an attacker is attempting to get close to you. Participants will be instructed simple, devastating strikes, along with prevention of basic holds and escapes from those holds, should one encounter that type of real-life scenario.

This 8 hour module is taught over a period of days to allow for practice by the participant. Required practice time is; 16 hours, however, lifelong practice is recommended to keep the skills fresh and deployable should violence be  encountered. All of the Canadian Combatives modules follow a clear and concise format, that is made available to participants to utilize while enrolled in the program, for the purpose of clear understanding and practicing the material. Each module is seperated into three sections, Strikes, Targets, and Escape/Evasion.

In the Level 2 Module, participants will be instructed, and expected to perfect, 4 Basic Combative Strikes, and the 4 Basic corresponding targets, that these strikes will be delivered to.

The Escape/Evasion section, covers 9 Basic attacks, along with the corresponding Self Defense practices to negate or respond to these assaults. Armed with this knowledge participants rapidly feel a sense of relief, knowing that self defense is not something that takes years to learn before becoming proficient to protect themselves.

All participants have the option of being tested at the end of each module, for their own confidence and peace of mind.

Continuation in the PERSONAL PROTECTION program, requires participants to possess the skills necessary to obtain a passing grade for this module.

Participants may feel comfortable enough with their new found skills, to terminate their involvement with the program after completing this module. That is of course perfectly fine, however the following module “Level 3”, adds increased power strikes, and exposure to additional attacks, that could benefit the participant greatly through exploration and discovery.

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